Inacio’s Kind of Magic

by Angela Parrino, Ph.D.


Book Six: Mental Wellness
Written by: Angela Parrino, Ph.D.
Illustrated by: Jamie Forbes



Inacio’s Kind of Magic is the story of a chameleon lizard who does what comes naturally to him-change color-and who showcases those colors in magic shows around the world. Inacio, or the enlightened one as his name implies, is a bohemian, saxophone-playing, world traveler and polyglot who ultimately teaches a polar bear, warbler, geep, octopus, and two dogs that change happens from the inside-out, and that it has less to do with color than with taking healthy risks and embracing new experiences. These characters, from the first five books of the wellness set, encounter newfound friendship and sage advice all because of Inacio who they hope to one day meet again.

  • Calendar icon March 3, 2019
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