Promoting health literacy for children and adults through school readings and curricula.

"OK, Honey!" dad used to say, words so sweet and healing, just like the natural product honey is. That's the essence of, the official home of GP's Honey Tomes, LLC, a place where you are invited to explore educational materials for all ages that address issues of wellness and our shared human experience.

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“It [Angela’s visit] was super awesome and every time I see her I get inspired. She is so wonderful and an incredible presenter. I could listen to her all day.”


Nikoleta Moulinos

Educational Events

Dr. Parrino is a versatile presenter catering to the needs of the pre-school through adult learner. She will work with you to design a session that actively engages your students and addresses their varied learning styles.


Instructional Resources

Dr. Parrino is an experienced educator, with medical training as well as a Ph.D. in language acquisition. She offers custom designed curricula, as well as individual and group ESL tutoring.


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