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The Honey Tomes team can help you write, edit, illustrate, layout, and print your wellness related manuscript or children’s book. To find out if your project is a good fit for Honey Tomes, please send us a message outlining the major themes in the publication, and if relevant, the type of illustrations that you will need.

Oswald Bumblepit Wanders the World

Written by: Dina Saad
Illustrated by: Lauren DeWitt

Oswald Bumblepit Wanders the World is the story of a bee who travels the seven modern wonders of the world. Throughout his adventure, Oswald learns many interesting facts about each of the different landmarks. He realizes how much beauty is in the world, and that no matter how many places he visits, he will always appreciate his home.

Price: $11.99

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I Want to be a Nurse, Do You? Coloring & Activity Book

Designed by: MRFA
Produced by: The Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing

This book contains activities, such as mazes, word scrambles, and word searches along with pictures to color that are related to the nursing concepts presented in the storybook, “I want to be a nurse, do you?”

Price: $5.99

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I Want to be a Nurse, Do You?

Written by: The Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing
Edited by: Angela Parrino, Ph.D.
Produced: by GP’s Honey Tomes

Nursing is a profession of great opportunity-the chance to help individuals, the local community, and the world. This book is designed for the enjoyment and education of children- the next generation of caregivers. Reading this book, they will learn that nursing requires not only a caring heart, but also technical skills and intellectual abilities.This book was written in recognition of the Hillman Foundation and its annual funding of scholarships for academically gifted students at Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing.

Price: $9.99

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A Friend Like Rusty

Written by: Angela Parrino, Ph.D.
Illustrated by: Gabriel Arroyo Velasco

A Friend Like Rusty is a story of loss, love, and remembering our best friends, whether near or far away. When we lose things we love - a ring, a toy, a favorite pair of gloves-we feel sad. But when we lose our best friend, we feel more than sad; our hearts ache. It’s difficult to feel happy at first, but in time, we smile again, remembering our friend and the love we shared. Available in softcover and hardcover.

Price: $11.99

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There’s Good in Every Bunny

Written by: John Potestivo
Illustrated by: Jamie Forbes

Bunnies may look cute and innocent, but they are not everyone’s favorite animal. Farmers, in
particular, have to make sure they don’t gobble up all of their crops. In There’s Good in Every Bunny, a rabbit named Bilal disproves the notion that all bunnies are unsavory characters. When confronted with the choice of stealing food as other bunnies have, Bilal instead chooses the path of generosity. In bringing an irate farmer a special gift that warms his heart, Bilal demonstrates, with his mother’s coaching, that there is good in everybody...or at least everybunny!

Price: $9.99

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Oliver Gets a Surprise

Written by: Written by Jacqueline Lopresti
Illustrated by: Jamie Forbes

In Oliver Gets a Surprise, Oliver’s parents bring a new sibling into the household which prompts Oliver to go on an unintended adventure to deal with his mixed emotions.Through the help of his best friend Toby, and the new friends he meets, Oliver learns valuable lessons about friendship and family. Oliver Gets a Surprise is Jacqueline Lopresti’s second children’s book.

Price: $9.99

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Oliver and His Unlikely Friend

Written by: Written by Jacqueline Lopresti
Illustrated by: Jamie Forbes

In Oliver and His Unlikely Friend, a curious French Bulldog named Oliver discovers Toby, a garden toad, and they form a bond, seeing past their vast physical differences. When a winter storm hits and Toby needs help, Oliver is there to rescue him despite outside dangers and his own fears. This heartwarming story highlights the value of true friendship, regardless of its shape or size.

Price: $9.99

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If A Cow Laughs Really Hard Does Milk Come Out Of Her Nose

Written by: Mary Hossann
Illustrated by: Jamie Forbes

If a Cow Laughs Really Hard, Does Milk Come Out of Her Nose? is the story of a boy’s riddle and the adventure of answering it. You may think that all cows do the entire day is eat grass and chew their cud, but wait until you see what they are doing when no one is watching.

Price: $9.99

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Bookaloo, I Love You

Written by KelleAnn Harmon
Produced by GP’s Honey Tomes

This is a memorial keepsake for a young child who lost his father too soon. It is written by the fiance who now finds herself a single mom who wants her son to know how much his dad loved him. It is part of her grieving process and becoming whole again. It is hoped others going through the same experience can relate and find strength from it as well.

Currently unavailable for purchase.

Blank Slater


Written by Matt Bergin
Illustrated by Zach Wideman

The story of Blank Slater is a journey of emotional connectivity and creative expression written for young readers, early listeners, and the parents and teachers of both. This full-color picture book takes a simple approach to exploring common but complicated ideas like emotional confusion, the quest for tolerance and acceptance in a sometimes cruel world, and the importance of working through it all to persevere.

With built-in activity pages, readers can explore these themes further when the story is over. To download additional Blank Slater printable activity pages, click here. There is also a corresponding placemat available to buy that allows a child to draw and erase emotions on the blank faces using dry erase markers.

To purchase, please contact: Matt Bergin.
The book is also available for Amazon Kindle.

Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers


Written by Danielle M. Chéry
Illustrated by Jamie Forbes
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Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers is a story of a boy’s personal journey and challenges with self-expression and trust. It is intended for children ages 6 – 9.

To purchase, contact: Danielle M. Chéry.