Jei Jumps for Joi

by Angela Parrino, Ph.D.


Book Five: Spiritual Wellness
Written by: Angela Parrino, Ph.D.
Illustrated by: Conor Byrne



Jei Jumps for Joi is about a dog’s journey to find a purpose larger than himself. Taking place in Japan, Jei, a self-centered golden retriever, plans a big jump that he believes will earn him the affection of the community and steal the limelight from Joi, the town’s beloved Shiba Inu. Although Jei is determined not to let anything get in his way, he awakens on the morning of his planned event to rumbles of an earthquake that send the town seeking shelter and Joi in dire need of being rescued. Only a gifted jumper like Jei can reach the injured Joi. Jei’s decision to ultimately help Joi and the community brings Jei to higher spiritual ground.

  • Calendar icon March 3, 2019
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